Ealing Learning Partnership

Learning and Achievement Committee minutes 10 November

Tuesday 10 November 2020, 9.30 – 11am on Microsoft Teams


  • Paul Adair (EPSTA/Ealing Quadrant)
  • Nigel Cook (ELP Q&P lead, primary)
  • Angela Doherty (ELP Q&P lead, secondary)
  • Monica McCarthy (Acton Quad.)
  • Hamisha Patel (EYFS Lead)
  • Madhu Bhachu (ELP Q&P lead, SEN)
  • Peter Dunmall (Cluster lead)
  • Sarah Wilson (Cluster lead)
  • Belinda Ewart (Cluster lead)
  • Chis Duhig (Cluster lead)
  • Claire Rees (Cluster lead)

Absence: Sahreen Siddiqui (GNP Quad)


Welcome and apologies

Minutes and actions from last meeting

BE: Queries re commissions: Pathways – secondary; cultural bid Arts Council – ST bid

  • Chair - AD to follow up with Marion Budd

MB is now Chair of the ELP Board.

  • NC to discuss Leadership Conference organisation

NC to follow up – see below.

  • AD to follow up with subject network leads re primary link

AD /NC to follow up. Key request from secondary is good literacy skills.

  • MB to summarise support available for unconscious bias training

Training will shorter sessions over 4 days -information to go on gatekeeping next week. 90 people can join. MB to confirm if just for ELP schools. 1 SLT member per school. CR – is it being rolled out to governors? MB to follow up

  • CR to forward contact details to NC of the ‘Demonstrator programme’.


  • AD to raise at the secondary heads meeting about remote learning support that could be available to primary schools

Completed. Support can be available if needed.

Election of Chair for 2020-21

NC chaired the meeting.

Please contact NC if you wish to chair. AD to follow up with secondary heads re secondary rep.

Update on commissions (see attached summary)

Leadership commission – may organise a well-being event for heads later in the year. Acting heads as well as new heads also get a mentor.

Reading – consultant for catch up programme.

Curriculum – facilitate and set up subject groups: SW – NF’s groups were over-subscribed. Could they be developed more? NC – English and maths set up by hubs. Recruit a lead for each each subject area, link to subject associations.

MM – Need to be mindful of how they are delivered, not like previous commissions. People are overloaded with virtual meeting.

NC – brief and remit needs to be carefully constructed.

BE – CPD from subject associations – get them to lead sessions for schools. Highlight access to existing training. Can ask for specific training for ELP schools. Would benefit all schools. Tailor to what is required. Theory and practical ideas.

BE to follow up with HA re training for non-members/ LA subscriptions.

CR funding towards Chartered College of Teaching / associations.

Free membership for NASEN for teachers.

RE network is already set up. Google Drive of resources.


  • Investigate which subject networks and other support are available
  • Survey schools for demand for subject support
  • Appoint leads to facilitate links to existing training for specific agreed subjects
  • Follow up with NF

A – presentation needed if on quadrant agenda – need background information.

Remote learning

Half of primary schools have signed up with EdTech as result of the ELP contact. Schools will be grouped together according to need. What can EDtech and ELP do to help schools in the longer term?

CR – two groups Google and MT – leads are working together.

SW – most signed up. More Google than MT. Sharing ideas.

PD – all attendees signed up. About 50% uptake. Groups not set up, more focus on the learning – leaving it with Edtech.

Next stage – liaise with Edtech lead to come to cluster leads

NC to follow up re special schools for Special schools heads meeting tomorrow

AD -What about schools not signed up?

CR – We know who needs some support Others don’t need it.

NC Pick this up in cluster leads meeting.

R - Edtech would like to create a leadership group.

Other cluster actions: No other actions.

‘Catch up’ support

Anything else ELP should be doing?

NC are there children who haven’t been identified with additional needs? MB – meeting with EY about support for EY. HP – many children not been brought into nursery. MB – lots of part time EY.

NC – maths hub – EY- Y1 catch up maths – to be added to gatekeeping.

PA -deficit in system – no flow through of data about who is in the system in terms of early identification. PA to follow up with MB. Pre-planning on a locality basis would be useful.

CPD; the central programme – feedback on an improved process and developments for the year ahead.

CPD package rolled over from one year to another. Identify ownership of sections of the programme and work out how best delivered and establish a cycle of review. What should be the involvement of L&A? What is the best way of determining what should be included?

BE – some need to run each year – CP/safeguarding, Prevent. Challenges e.g. First Aid to run remotely.

BE- Can committee look at the different sections and agree which would benefit all schools? Forward to the group for comment.

PA- email from MT – ECF training – possible to draft a programme? Forward to schools.

PA- 5% time in second year – how is this funded?

Add CPD to L&A annual workplan.


Maths hub: referring clusters to hub to access free training and support available. BE – can you send out summary of benefits of being in the hub? Add to general summary of support available.

ELP funding – demonstrate value for money, what is happening to commission funding if not used? Need clear messaging about this. Follow up with JL.

Confirm date of next meetings

  • 12 January 2021 9.30 – 11am MS teams
  • 2 March 2021 9.30 – 11am MS teams
  • 4 May 2021 9.30 11am MS teams
  • 5 June 2021 9.30-11am MS teams
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