ELP early headship programme 2023-2024

5 half day sessions to support those in the early stages of headship, co-headship and heads of ELP school. Key information , opportunities to hear from experienced headteachers. Attend all 5 sessions and build your support network:

Session 1: Introduction to ELP and Ealing LA on 13 September 2023 from 12midday-4pm
Session 2: SEF/ SDP/ continuous Improvement culture on 16 November 2023 from 1-4pm
Session 3: SEND and Inclusion on 18 January 2024 from 1-4pm
Session 4: Finance/ HR / Leading School Improvement on 14 March 2024 from 1-4pm
Session 5: Review of the year SEF/ SDP/ forward planning on 20 June 2024 from 1-4pm

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Session 1: Welcome to Ealing Learning Partnership

13 September 2023 12midday-4pm including lunch at the Ealing Education Centre

  • ELP Structure, priorities, Learning Clusters, networks, calendar- Julie Lewis, Director Learning,Standards and School Partnerships, Louise Singleton, Headteacher Hambrough Primary School and Chair of ELP board, Clare Rees, Principal Quality Partnership Lead 3-11
  • EGfL, gatekeeping, HR, ECTs, data for schools, CPD online, SLAs- Polly Bradley, Communicationand Business Development Senior Manager
  • Headteacher’s Handbook- (key contacts, security, support with media)- Clare Rees
  • School improvement support- Clare Rees
  • Creating a robust safeguarding culture- Sinead Galbraith, Education Consultant Inclusion.
  • Attendance, suspensions and exclusions- Lucinda Poole, Attendance Officer/ Debby Legg,Exclusions Manager
  • Risk assessment- Health and safety, premises- Raj Chowhury, Schools Health and Safety Adviser
  • Governance, including HTPM- Therese McNulty, School workforce and Governance AdviserStrategic calendar for headteachers – autumn term tasks

Part 1: Building the culture

  • Lessons learned in the first year of headship (successes and challenges)- Katherine Flewitt,headteacher Pett’s Hill Primary School
  • The power of networks and triads – Clare Rees
  • Coaching for new heads – Sophie Liardet, headteacher at St Mark’s Primary School

Session 2: SEF/ SDP/ continuous improvement culture

16 November 2023 1-4pm at the Ealing Education Centre

  • Effective SEF/ SDP – an approach- Pete Dunmall, headteacher Fielding Primary School
  • Staff surveys- Pete Dunmall
  • HT report to governors- Therese McNulty

Part 2: Building the culture

  • Time and support with SEF/ SDP- please bring your laptops
  • ‘Improve not prove’ continual improvement- Tessa Hodgson, headteacher Oaklands Primary School
  • Professional growth- what does this look like when it’s effective? Tessa Hodgson/ Sophie Liardet

Session 3: SEND and inclusion

18 January 2024 1-4pm at the Ealing Education Centre

  • Inclusion and SEND Strategy - Madhu Bhachu, Assistant Director SEND
  • ELP Race Equality focus - Sarah Thompson, Vulnerable groups, School Partnerships Lead
  • Therapeutic Thinking- Simon Lynch/ Madhu Bhachu
  • Virtual School Head and CLA - Andrew Martin , headteacher Virtual School
  • Primary Centre- Jon Hicks, headteacher Ealing Primary CentreStrategic calendar for headteachers – spring term tasks

Part 3: Building the culture

  • Leading Inclusion- Kate Moyse, headteacher Coston Primary School
  • SEF/ SDP part 2- reviewing progress. Heads to bring copies of their SEF/ SDP - Kerry Shilling,headteacher Selborne Primary School

Session 4: Finance/ budget setting/ HR/ Place Planning

14 March 2024 1-4pm at the Ealing Education Centre

  • Financial sustainability and setting the budget - Tamara Quinn, Assistant Director PlanningResources and Service Development / Kim Price, Planning and Resources Strategic Lead
  • Schools financial value standard (SFVS), audit and fraud – Mike Pinder, AD Audit andInvestigation
  • Recruitment/ HR / Staff restructure– Mark Nelson, Head of Schools HR Consultancy
  • Pay Policy/ appraisals and pay recommendations- Mark Nelson
  • Place planning, accommodation and capital works- Kim Price / Tamara Quinn / Laurence Field

Part 4: Building the culture

Leading School Improvement Helen Rai, Exec Headteacher- Lady Margaret/ Durdans ParkPrimary Schools.

Session 5: SEF/ SDP part 3- evaluation and forward planning

20 June 2024 1-4pm at the Ealing Education Centre Heads to bring updated copies of their SEF/ SDP

  • Reviewing the year -Sophie Liardet- headteacher at St Mark’s Primary School
  • Effective parental engagement- Sophie Liardet
  • Statutory assessments/ internal assessments- Jo Heffer, Primary Assessment adviserStrategic calendar for headteachers – summer term tasks

Part 5: Building the culture

  • SEF/ SDP, Reviewing the year, lessons learned, next steps- Clare Rees
  • Problem solving/ effective decision-making.
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