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No Learner Left Behind: Promoting a race equity approach in education


The No Learner Left Behind project was established as a pilot by the Ealing Learning Partnership with the aim of developing a shared understanding of the reasons for the under achievement of Black Caribbean pupils in Ealing and then developing a framework for action to address the barriers to achievement that these pupils face, in a partnership between practitioners, parents, pupils and community.

The subsequent death of George Floyd and the world-wide Black Lives Matter protests have resulted in an increased interest and determination amongst education settings, and other services for young people, to develop and strengthen their anti-racist or race equity approach.

Ealing’s approach

Drawing on the learning from the No Learner Left Behind project, a programme of training has been designed which aims to raise awareness of issues relating to unconscious bias and racial identity, alongside providing opportunities to gain essential knowledge in relation to Black history across the world and within the UK.

For change to happen it is essential that all stakeholders who educate and support children and young people have access to the same high quality, training provision. For this reason, the programme offers training opportunities for education professionals from all phases, local authority staff, parents and governors.

Training programme

An overview of the training programme is set out below with details of the next dates available for each stakeholder group. Ideally, participants will attend the awareness raising course first before then attending one of the knowledge-gaining courses.

Phase 1: Awareness-raising

Raising awareness of unconscious bias and the impact on the life chances of Black children and young people.

Cultural Competence – Challenging Disproportionality Training
Delivered by Hackney Education

This four-part training course has been commissioned to support school, early years and local authority leaders to respond to the issues pertaining to race equity – including those highlighted by the death of George Floyd and the subsequent Black Lives Matter protests. It aims to ensure that leaders are informed about research and current practice in the area of cultural competence, and will specifically look at:

  • Key factors in the persistent underachievement of Black Caribbean learners
  • Leadership on equality issues
  • Unconscious bias and micro-aggressions: How background, personal experiences, stereotypes and cultural context impact on decisions and actions without you realising
  • Introduction to Racial Identity Theory and Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome
  • Strategies for developing cultural competence within organisations.

This course is a follow-up to training provided as part of the Ealing No Learner Left Behind (Black Caribbean Achievement) Project, and therefore much of the information and examples provided will be centred upon Black Caribbean learners. However, the learning gained can be applied to the considerations for learners of other ethnicities too.

Training dates

Target audience: Schools, Early Years settings and LA colleagues
Date: 12, 13, 19 and 20 July 2021 at 2-4pm

Book via CPD online (event code EYC 21/085)

Target audience: School governors and childminders
Date: Autumn 2021, date to be confirmed

Target audience: Parents and Community Organisations
Date: Autumn 2021, date to be confirmed

Phase 2: Knowledge-Gaining

Black history and contributions spanning from African civilisations to Modern Britain - to begin to address racial biases

An Introduction to Black British History
Delivered by Oshun Education

This interactive whistle stop presentation (delivered by Oshun Education) provides a potted history of Black Peoples’ presence in the United Kingdom starting from the Roman Empire and incorporating the Tudor, Georgian, Victorian eras and the arrival of the Windrush generation up to the present day.

The presentation includes aspects of British race relations and its impact on Black and White communities and covers the race riots in the 1950’s and the national uprisings during the 1980’s.

This presentation includes an information sheet detailing teaching resources for parents and sources of further information so parents can continue to learn and teach their children.

Training date

Target audience: Parents of Children of all Ethnicities
Date: Autumn 2021, date to be confirmed
Booking: Email trainingsupport@ealing.gov.uk

Black Contributions and the Critical Evaluation of Practice, Inclusion and Curriculum
Delivered by Young People Aspire Higher

This 3-part training is ideal for anyone working or leading in an educational setting. The course is insightful, explores perspectives rarely seen, and focuses on the following topics:

  • Black people in World History and British History (session 1) - This session guides delegates through the story of Black people in World History and British History, sharing documented intellectual developments, practices and contributions to civilisation, challenging the popularised narratives which have fed into unconscious bias and practices in education, and society at large
  • Representation of Black History: developing a progressive approach (Session 2) - through evaluation of case studies, delegates will develop the critical thinking required to examine various approaches to Black history, decolonising the curriculum and Black History Month
  • Decolonising Practice and Curriculum: From Theory to Practice (session 3) - This session will demonstrate how the framework can be used for maximum impact in practice, building on the skills and awareness developed in the previous sessions. Further suggestions for bias safeguards are also introduced related to sanctions, incident reporting, teacher assessment and expectations, which may be useful at the individual, department or whole school level.

Training dates

Target audience: Schools, Early Years settings and LA colleagues
Date: Autumn 2021, date to be confirmed

Target audience:School governors and childminders
Date: Autumn 2021, date to be confirmed

Target audience: Parents and Community Organisations
Date: Autumn 2021, date to be confirmed.

Further Information

For more information about the above courses or to discuss anything in regard to Ealing’s approach or the No Learner Left Behind project, please contact either:

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Last updated: 27 May 2022