NJC (National Joint Council – for local government services) pay award 2019

14 Feb 2019

Updated 7 March 2019

The council have agreed, after discussions with local trade unions, to adopt the approach of assimilating and then incrementing staff to the new pay spine.

The spreadsheet download below 'Schools assim-incr with salaries and rates' shows how you can now track all staff from their existing grade and salary point to their position on the new pay spine.

Further to my previous communication on this topic (see 'New pay spine for support staff' under related content link below), this is a nationally agreed award which has to be implemented by those employers who recognise the NJC for their staff, including support staff in schools.

Assimilating to new pay spine

Some support staff who are not at the top of their existing pay scale will be eligible for an increment this April 2019. As a part of the migration process from the existing to the new pay spine, staff will firstly be assimilated and then will receive an increment if they are due to receive an increment in April 2019.

Further information

See 'New pay spine for support staff' news item under related content link below.

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Last updated: 07 Mar 2019

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