School Single Central Record (SCR)

20 Feb 2019

The requirement for a school to maintain a register of checks on staff appointed to the school is set out in the School staffing regulations 2009 ( Schedule two of those regulations details the information that must be recorded. The ‘register’ is more commonly referred to as the single central record (SCR).

The SCR will be reviewed by Ofsted during a school inspection and it is essential that the record is maintained as accurate, up to date and the information is contained/linked in the one document.

Governing boards where they do not already do so, may wish to make arrangements for one of their number (safeguarding governor or representative from appropriate committee) to periodically check the SCR for their school.

Further information

SRC template and accompanying guidance - see single central record (SRC) link under related content.

Keeping Children Safe in Education (KCSIE) part 3, paragraphs 143 - 149 single central record (GOV.UK)

Ofsted guidance on inspections - annex 3: the single central record (GOV.UK)

Schools will note that, in addition to the checks required to be recorded by statute, the guidance does suggest that schools are free to record any other information (checks) that they feel are relevant.

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Last updated: 20 Feb 2019

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