Playground equipment inspections- Competence

31 May 2019

All playground equipment, surfacing and associated railings, gates, fences etc. are required to meet BS EN standards.

A post-installation inspection of playground equipment and surfacing is required to be carried out by an independent body (e.g. The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents - RoSPA).

Periodic inspections of playgrounds and play equipment

Playgrounds and playground equipment should be periodically inspected (inspections should include the whole of the site including pathways, fences, seats, etc) and documented:

  • Routine inspections (usually daily or weekly)
  • Operational inspections (one to three months or as indicated by the manufacturer)
  • Annual main inspection (carried out by an independent and competent specialist (e.g. RoSPA).

Routine inspections concentrate on visual hazards that can result from vandalism, wear and tear, weather conditions. These would include broken equipment, loose fittings, chipped / dented fittings, glass, nails etc.

Operational inspections are more thorough and check the operation and stability of the equipment, especially wear.

The annual main inspection is carried out to establish the overall level of safety of equipment, foundations and surfaces.

Routine and operational inspections can be completed by school staff, but they must be appropriately trained and be competent.

Contact and further information

RoSPA and other Register of Play Inspectors International (RPII) accredited trainers can provide suitable training courses as well as providing suitable inspection templates.

Play safety training courses (RoSPA website)

Corporate health and safety
Tel: 020 8825 7287.

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Last updated: 04 Jun 2019

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