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03 Jul 2019

Message from Carolyn Fair

Dear all,

As we move swiftly towards the summer holidays, I am aware that this is an extremely busy period for colleagues in schools. It is also a peak time for Children’s Social Care as we try to ensure that the high number of referrals are processed through the system without delay. I would therefore ask that should colleagues have any concerns about children in their schools that they refer through to ECIRS as soon as they become aware. We will ensure that we respond swiftly to concerns and feedback to schools before the term ends, so that you are reassured that appropriate actions are being taken.

Wishing you all a good summer break when you get there.

Kind regards
Carolyn Fair
Director Children and Families

More information on the referral process, the form and the service available on the links listed below.

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Last updated: 03 Jul 2019

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