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20 Sep 2019

Following the successful bid to become a trailblazer authority Ealing will have two mental health support teams working in and with schools from January 2020, gradually building up the service which will comprise of individual guided self help, Friends for Life groups, and consultation. This is an exciting additional resource that will complement the existing emotional health and wellbeing services in schools.

The service will be based at Ealing Primary Centre and managed by West London NHS Trust in partnership with the Centre, who will work with Ealing Council’s health improvement team to ensure effective communication and liaison with schools.

Our two mental health support teams will work in both high schools and primary schools and will initially partner with eight primary and eight high schools, in which an education mental health professional (EMHP) will be based for half a day a week, with outreach support available to other schools as the project develops.

The project planning group, which includes representation from ELP, Ealing schools, the local authority, parents and carers, children and young people and West London NHS Trust, will be involved in the recruitment of those who will make up the teams. In addition they will be using a number of ways to identify partnership schools including level of need, current mental health investment and support, and mental health leadership. Partnership schools will be invited to participate by mid-November.

The EMHPs will be trained over the course of the first year and will be able to offer brief, focused, evidence- based interventions for anxiety and low mood (under close supervision) to children and young people who wouldn’t otherwise reach thresholds for CAMHS.

Regular communication about the development and implementation of the Ealing trailblazer programme will be disseminated through gatekeeping, networks, including the mental health network meeting taking place on the 13 November 2019, and briefings. If you would like to know more or speak to someone in more detail please feel free to contact Jon Hicks or Karen Gibson (details below).

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Last updated: 25 Sep 2019

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