School funding 2020 to 2023

04 Sep 2019

We normally consult schools on possible local and national changes to school funding in September.

The government made an annoucement last week on an headline of additional £14bn of funding over the next three years.

We intend to consult schools on possible changes to school and LA funding once further details are avaiable on the distribution between schools, high needs and early years. We hope we are able to do this following the October half term break.

The government's annoucement

The funding package for 5-16 schools includes £2.6 billion for 2020/21, £4.8 billion for 21/22, and £7.1 billion for 22/23 compared to 19/20.

This will bring the schools budget to £52.2bn in 22/23.

Institute of Fiscal Studies (IFS) a respected independent body commented

In response to this announcement, Luke Sibieta, Research Fellow at IFS, said “Today, the government sought to deliver on the Prime Minister's commitment to increase school spending by £4.6bn over and above inflation. Since 2009-10, school spending per pupil has fallen by 8% in real-terms in England. The new spending plans should be near enough sufficient to reverse these cuts by 2022-23. In addition, the government is continuing to provide compensation to schools for higher pension contributions on top of this. This package represents a large increase in spending per pupil, taking it back to about the same level it was in 2009-10. However, a 13-year period of no net growth in school spending per pupil, after inflation, still represents a significant squeeze on school budgets when considered in historical terms.“

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Last updated: 30 Sep 2019

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