Annual review

18 Oct 2019

Message from Gary Redhead

As part of Ealing Council’s ongoing project to review and improve our SEND services we are developing processes around annual reviews. I am writing to ask for your support in this work.

1. An annual review team has been recruited to help process annual reviews more efficiently. This is managed by Helen O’Brien

2 We have a new dedicated email address for annual reviews
Going forward, all annual reviews should be sent to this address. Completed annual reviews including parents/pupils comments and all therapist reports be sent in one word or pdf document, not as individual documents. Please do not send zipped files as we are not able to open these under council policy. Please do not send hardcopies of annual reviews.

3. Annual review funding panels will be held every other week on Monday mornings. There should be representatives from a wide range of schools and any SENCOs or headteachers who are interested in taking part, should contact Helen O’Brien

4. We are developing a new annual review template. This new template will be sent to all schools ready for use in January. Helen O’Brien is organising a consultancy group with representatives from mainstream and specialist provisions. Please contact Helen if you would like to be involved in this process

5. A preparing for adulthood element will be added to the Ealing annual review template and form a greater part of the process. The LA will work with you, supporting where needed to incorporate this into reviews from year nine onwards. This will help to ensure that EHC plans are updated ready for transfer to further education and that children and young people are better prepared for adulthood when leaving education.

Thank you for your ongoing support.

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Last updated: 22 Oct 2019

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