CAMHS - Ealing guide to services and referral processes for schools

24 Oct 2019

The ELP SEND and inclusion committee, together with some safeguarding and wellbeing committee members and children and young people’s mental health service providers, have worked together to gather information on the local mental health service pathways and systems for referral and advice.

The Ealing guide to CAMHS services and referral processes for schools (see download below) is now ready to share and be used by schools to help guide your thinking and next steps when you think external services are needed.

About the guide

The guide provides:

  • A brief overview of each of the tier 2 and tier 3 CAMHS services
  • Contact details for advice/support
  • The referral process for each service, along with links to further information and referral forms on EGFL.

All the information contained within this document can be found at

Please note: We are aware that the CAMHS West London NHS Trust referral form is not as school-friendly as it could be and plan to review this form with key stakeholders early on in 2020. The important thing for now is ensuring that the information pertaining to the pathways is clearer in terms of getting advice and making referrals.

For any queries, please contact Lisa Burrage on the contact details below.

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Last updated: 28 Oct 2019

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