Defibrillator maintenance - immediate action required

08 Jan 2020

Cardiac Science G5 Defibrillators given to schools in July 2017 require immediate maintenance to replace out of date pads.

Replacing expired defibrillator pads

The expired pads should be replaced now with the spare pads supplied with units. These spare pads expire at the end of January 2020.

Schools must purchase replacements to ensure that the systems remain operational. New pads have a 2-year life span.

Cardiac Science have offered a discounted cost for all Ealing schools. The costs for the pads are:

  • XELAED001A/1B – G5 Adult Pads: £29.00 each plus delivery plus VAT (normal RRP £40.00 each + VAT)
  • XELAED002A/2B – G5 Adult Pads with CPR Device: £79.50 each plus delivery plus VAT (normal RRP £107.50 each + VAT)
  • XELAED003A/3B – G5 Pediatric Pads: £47.50 each plus delivery plus VAT (normal RRP £65.00 each + VAT)
  • Delivery is £5.95 + VAT

To purchase new pads, contact Cardiac Science by telephone on 0161 926 0000, then select option 1 for sales and option 2 for technical support.

Additional advice

If you think the battery on the unit at your school has expired, contact technical support at Cardiac Science. If the battery needs to be replaced then this will be done free of charge as the unit is still under warranty.

Should you require further assistance with defibrillator replacement, please contact Steve Dunham directly.

Further information

Schools are responsible for maintaining the unit in an operational mode - See related content below for full details.

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Last updated: 14 Jan 2020

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