Legal advice on employment matters insurance scheme claims 2019/20

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06 Feb 2020

Reminder to all schools who participate in the above scheme, to submit all claims by Friday 6 March 2020, to ensure payment by the end of the financial year

We cannot guarantee that claims received after this date will be processed and paid in time to meet the financial year-end deadline.

Please also inform schools HR of any potential claims (relating to financial year 2019/20), that will not be received in time to be paid by the end of the financial year, so we are aware of claims to be made against the scheme. Where this is the case, we would remind schools that they will need to make an accrual for this payment.

Claim form

The insurance claim form can be found on the HR policies and procedures page on EGfL (see related content).

If you have any queries please contact Jackie Bourchier (see contacts).

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Last updated: 06 Feb 2020

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