Educational psychology service COVID-19 update

24 Mar 2020

Updated 30 April 2020

The educational psychology service will continue to deliver a service to schools while adhering to current government advice to maintain ‘social distancing’ this means:

  • EPs will contact schools to arrange the termly SEN planning meeting
  • Telephone meetings with parents and school staff will replace face to face meetings whenever possible
  • Where a face to face meeting with a parent or member of school staff, or where assessment with a child or young person is necessary, these will be undertaken in accordance with Public Health advice
  • The opportunities for educational psychologists (and other advice providers) to collect information for assessment will be severely curtailed. However, EPs will be able to provide reports and recommendations based on an analysis of previous knowledge (where they have it) and on more up to date information gathered from families, professionals who know the children and young people (CYP) and possibly the CYP themselves via use of a range of ICT. The reports may well include caveats to indicate that the assessments and therefore the recommendations are limited in scope and that further involvement by EPs will be required (preferably before the first annual review of any EHC Plan that is produced).
  • The EPS will be able to offer a telephone consultation service to parents/carers and school staff on referral from the school SENCo/Inclusion Lead, where it is felt this would be helpful. EPs are able to offer “virtual surgeries” for consultations, strategies and interventions on a range of issues including, learning needs, behaviour management and social and emotional wellbeing. This offer can be met from within the existing school allocation.

Judith Chambers-Thomas, Principal educational psychologist

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Last updated: 30 Apr 2020

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