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10 Mar 2020

This item is to raise awareness of the risks of associating and sharing platforms with other groups and the issues around corporate integrity and reputational risks.

This is with a specific reference to ensuring that adequate measures are in place when hiring your school premises, during out-of-school hours. Specifically, ensuring that the school understands from the outset the nature of the teaching material being used on their premises.

The need for this has risen after a school within the borough located some material which was being taught by an organisation who was renting their premises after school hours. The material was not indicative of any radicalisation, however it did contradict the values of the school and promoted views which were disregarding tolerance and respect for all.

The school was able to deal with this incident promptly and efficiently, due to the quality of their booking forms, as well as their prompt engagement with the local authority. The information shared allowed the local authority to assist them in assessing the risk associated with the hiring organisation and provided clear options for action.

Review your lettings policy

Our advice to all schools is to review your venue hire policies, so that they do include a need for hirers to uphold the school’s values of mutual respect, individual liberty, democracy and the rule of law.

Also, we would advise that booking forms are stored and easily accessible, containing all of the necessary information required. Within this, you may wish to ask for sight of materials/books that they intend to use, which may give you further insight as to whether the content will be suitable and in line with your school’s values.

Further information

If you require further detail with regards to venue hire, or more guidance, please contact the Prevent team on the contact details below.

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Last updated: 10 Mar 2020

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