School closures security advice COVID-19

03 Apr 2020

During these uncertain times of Covid-19 schools may faces temporary closure. It is therefore essential that the school management teams start to consider and plan suitable arrangements for these changes.

Historically, closedown periods have seen many significant losses in terms of thefts, vandalism and arson attacks, which commonly are crimes of opportunity as opposed to planned events. It is essential that adequate measures be taken to ensure effective security is provided to school and academy premises in order to combat these potential losses.

We would encourage continued/daily onsite presence and if provisions exist for building closures already, i.e. procedures taken during holiday periods, then these procedures should be taken forward during this unprecedented time. It is also essential that the buildings safety systems are maintained i.e. fire alarm, intruder alarm, water and electrical systems, lifts etc.

See download for further information and checklist .

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Last updated: 08 Apr 2020

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