PPE supplies available to schools and educational settings via Amazon

01 Jun 2020

Schools can request access to purchase PPE from the Amazon COVID-19 store.

If you would like to get access to the Amazon Covid store, please visit Amazon COVID-19 supplies to request access.

Until now, access to this has been limited to central government, with access granted only to authorised organisations. However, Amazon will shortly be expanding this in the coming weeks to to schools, educational settings and the wider public sector.

Key points

  • There is no upfront payment needed on any of the products
  • There are no minimum order quantities, maximum quantity limits can be applied
  • Amazon are making no profit on the PPE sold using this facility and have also waived third party seller fees
  • Use of this facility is covered by the YPO Framework and is therefore a compliant procurement route.
  • Access to the facility / calling off the framework is very easy and quick – our colleagues from Amazon will support you through the process and it is often done within a few hours
  • All customers who are authorised to access the Covid19-Supplies facility will also receive free Business Prime for the duration of the site’s existence, giving free expedited delivery
  • All Suppliers and PPE items pass enhanced compliance checks to be included in COVID-19 Supplies.

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Last updated: 04 Jun 2020

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