2020 early transfer form (primary to secondary) Version 2

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03 Jul 2020

Your ETF includes all recorded on the Ealing admissions database as having accepted a place or holding an offer to your school 1 July 2020. The admission status column will help identify any children with a status of “place offered” who haven't currently accepted or declined their place. From the ETF spreadsheet you can print an individual ETF data sheet for each student.

Students from Ealing primary schools

The file includes core contextual information for every Y6 student in an Ealing primary school from the spring school census (green columns), with details of other agency involvement / additional support (yellow columns). Other agency involvement / additional support data is sourced internally where available rather than directly from primary schools.

Students from out borough primary schools

Colleagues in the Hounslow data team continue to provide us with contextual data from school census for students in their primary schools who are transferring to an Ealing high schoo. Please note that other agency involvement columns will only be populated for Ealing resident children (for EHCP and LAC) or those who have been in an Ealing school (for exclusions).

Children transferring from primary schools in other boroughs’ are also included on the spreadsheet but only with the data held on the admissions database or matched in from the Autumn 2019 school census (sourced from key to success).

Prior attainment

As there are no statutory KS2 assessments this year, we are providing KS1 assessment data (brown columns) from the end of year 2 as an indication of where children were at the last statutory assessment point. Please do remember that children will have made very different rates of progress in the past four years.

In addition to the KS1 data, we asked primary schools to provide estimated outcome data stating whether Y6 children are currently working below, at or above expectations. Where available, this data is also included in v2.0 of your ETF (blue columns). (The return of KS2 data was not a statutory requirement this year and some primary schools did not submit outcomes to us. A full list of Ealing primary schools who did and did not participate can be found in the final tab of your ETF.)

EGfL user account

You need to login with your EGfL user account to access these reports.

If you have forgotten your password, you can reset this yourself. You might find this guide useful: resetting your password

If you have any queries relating to EGFL usernames or passwords, please contact egflwebteam@ealing.gov.uk.

Data protection of confidential information

When you download information which has been password protected on the EGfL you are agreeing to take responsibility for what happens to that information next and its security.

In short: never share your user account details, always log out, never leave personal data unattended and use secure equipment (ie secure encrypted devices)

If you pass that information on to appropriate other people you must do so via secure systems – eg Egress or S2S.

When downloading information to shared or otherwise insecure computers and other devices be aware that it will remain in your download folder and may be liable to inappropriate access.

Ensure you are not making the information open to others as it may put individuals and organisations at risk.

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Last updated: 06 Jul 2020

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