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27 Jul 2020

An individual school summary of the data your school submitted to the DfE via the establishment closure monitoring form can now be found on your school reports page.

About the summary

There are two tables, one covers weeks 1 to 10 of the closure period (23 March to 29 May), the second covers weeks 11 to 17 of the closure period (1June to 17 July). The second table reflects additional by year group breakdowns introduced on 1 June.

All data in the tables is based on returns made by schools to the DfE, amendments/additions sent directly to the LA by schools have also been included.

Schools were asked to submit the DfE form every day they were open (even if no children were attending). If closed, schools were asked to submit to say they were closed on the first day and did not need respond again until they reopened. Therefore no response either means closed or open but did not complete the survey on that day (or submitted too late to be included in LA daily download).

Ealing Council and the Ealing Learning Partnership are very grateful to schools for submitting this data to the DfE during the partial closure period. It has been a vital and invaluable resource and has been used widely by colleagues supporting the COVID 19 response.

We hope you find these summaries useful.

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Data protection of confidential information

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Ensure you are not making the information open to others as it may put individuals and organisations at risk.

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Last updated: 27 Jul 2020

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