Updated COVID-19 risk assessment tool and staffing guidance

06 Aug 2020

Updated risk assessment tool and staffing guidance (attendance and absence) document available on EGfL:


The following documents have been revised in line with updated guidance from the Department for Education (DfE):

  1. Risk assessment tool (word and excel formats) has been amended in line with updated government guidance- the need for strict social distancing on dedicated transport has been removed and schools to provide immunisation programmes as normal added
  2. Staffing guidance (attendance and absence) has been updated with the following:
  • Changed the self-isolation period from 7 to 10 days for those displaying Covid 19 symptons (categories 1 and 3)
  • Inserted additional script on the clinically extremely vulnerable group to reflect the latest guidance issued by the DfE (category 6)
  • Added a new category for staff who are pregnant reflecting the latest DfE guidance and confirming that two risk assessments (RA) will be needed for these staff. One RA is the standard RA that should be conducted for all pregnant employees and additionally the Covid 19 individual RA for pregnant employees in line with their clinically vulnerable status (new category 10)
  • Inserted additional script for staff reluctant to attend or who otherwise may be at increased risk from Covid 19, to reflect the latest guidance issued by the DfE ( category 12)
  • Confirmed that parking dispensations in the borough for key workers have been extended to 31st Aug 2020 (category 15).
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Last updated: 18 Aug 2020

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