Are parent parking issues causing problems? Use the Perfect Parking campaign

14 Sep 2020

Tackling parent parking issues can be a time consuming and often emotive topic at school drop off and pick up times.

We have developed a series of resources to support schools to tackle this problem head on.

It is important to note that any one if these schemes on its own is unlikely to make a difference but approaching this issue from different angles and involving the children will bring about the positive behaviour change that leads to active travel on the school run. This leads to a reduction in the numbers of parents parking inconsiderately or dangerously, dramatically improving the safety and air quality around the school for children and their families.

With World Car Free Day coming on the 22 September, why not get started now and organise a car free day at your school.

Further information

Visit Tackling parent parking issues page on EGfL for further details.

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Last updated: 14 Sep 2020

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