Covid-19 test kits for schools

17 Sep 2020

Anyone who experiences Coronavirus symptoms should arrange to get a test.

Schools should have received an initial supply of 10 test kits.

These test kits should only be used in the exceptional circumstance that an individual becomes symptomatic and you believe they may have barriers to accessing testing elsewhere.

Kits are suitable for people of all ages. Kits should not be given directly to children - only to adults over the age of 18 or a child’s parent or carer. Parents and carers will be required to administer the test to those under 11. Full instructions on how to administer the test and what to do next are provided within each kit. Schools are not expected to administer testing, and testing should not take place on site.

Ordering additional kits

Schools should order additional test kits if they have run out or are running out of test kits. Kits will be supplied in boxes of 10 and schools will be able to make a new order for test kits 21 days after they receive a delivery confirmation email telling them that the previous supply of test kits has been sent.

Schools will need a Unique Organisation Number (UON) to place orders for test kits which should have already been provided by the Department of Health and Social Care. If schools have not received their UON, the Test and Trace helpdesk should be called on 119.

Kits should be stored securely at ambient room temperature (5 to 22°C).

The LA has an allocation of 10 test kits for all schools. Please contact Steve Dunham or Raj Chowdhury if there is an exceptional need and no other testing arrangement can be found.

Further information

Making an order for additional coronavirus tests (GOV.UK)

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Last updated: 17 Sep 2020

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