Mainstream schools high needs funding schedules 2020/21

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14 Oct 2020

At the start of this financial year it was agreed that the LA would publish the mainstream schools high needs funding schedules on EGfL school pages on a termly basis, with consistent payments to be made to schools within the term.

At the end of the term, this would give you a chance to check the funding that you are receiving for pupils amd identify any discrepancies, which would then be resolved as an adjustment within the next termly payment.

Unfortunately there has been a delay with this process and we have therefore initiated for September 2020 as well. As a result, we are currently in the process of preparing all mainstream schools high needs funding schedules for the payments made across April-September 2020.

Once these have been prepared and available for you to access, a notification to inform you will be posted to EGfL, along with instructions regarding next steps to be taken.

I appreciate this is a very busy time of year for schools in challenging circumstances, with the need for extra precautions and measures to safeguard both staff and pupils, but your patience is very much appreciated.

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Last updated: 14 Oct 2020

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