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02 Nov 2020

If you have changed your MIS provider from SIMs to another system (or intend to from the next financial year starting April 2021) and would no longer like to buy a SIMs licence via the local authority umbrella licence, you must notify us by Wednesday 16 December.

Any notification we receive after this will be too late, and you will be liable for the full licence cost for the 2021/22 financial year.

Please note: if you have changed to another MIS provider but still need to run FMS you still need a Capita licence. You can only get FMS packaged with SIMS via the local authority, it is not available separately. So if you just wish to purchase FMS but not SIMs, you need to purchase this from Capita directly and notify us.

Alternatively, you can remain on the LA licence, but the cost would be the same as if you were purchasing SIMS as well, and in the long run this will be more expensive than purchasing FMS directly from Capita.

If you wish to remain on the LA Capita SIMs licence, then you need to confirm who you will be purchasing your MIS Support from for 2021/22 (as this is part of the terms and conditions of your LA licence). Please email Jen with these details.

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Last updated: 02 Nov 2020

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