School courier service ending next year

19 Nov 2021

In recent years Ealing Council has taken several steps to modernise the way it operates and a key element of this has been reducing its reliance on the transfer of physical documents.

So, when the existing contract for the provision of courier services expires in December 2022, the council will not enter into a new agreement and the service will cease.

Service will end December 2022

This means that the council's offering of a school courier service will come to a permanent end in December 2022. Deliveries and collections will continue as normal for the rest of this academic year; however, in academic year 2022/23, the service will only be available for the duration in autumn term.

Schools are encouraged over the next twelve months to consider alternate working methods to eliminate reliance on the delivery run. Many schools have already done so, with over half the schools in the borough having moved away from utilising the weekly courier.

If you have any queries, please feel free to email Daniel directly on the contact details below.

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Last updated: 01 Dec 2021

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