Review your procedural information to schools

05 Jan 2022

Ealing officers are reminded to review their policies and procedures relating to support provided to schools.

Your information must be reviewed regularly to ensure it reflects the support you provide to schools.

You may have already been in touch about your services for schools offer 2022/23. This reminder is about procedures and information pages you have on EGfL other than your service offer to schools.

Information owners will receive a review email with a link to their web page. This is sent automatically every 6 month or a year depending on the information provided. Please review your information when you receive the reminder.

You can, at any time, view your information which is located under these categories on Ealing Grid for Learning (EGfL):

If procedures and support to schools is changing, please contact us now to discuss these changes. This is to ensure information is provided to schools is the best way. Read more about Web accessibility - what you need to know | Ealing Grid for Learning (

If you need to make a change please contact us with your changes. Your information will be reviewed for accessibility.


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Last updated: 06 Jan 2022

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