Clean Air Day Thursday 16 June 2022

26 Apr 2022

This nationwide campaign aims to improve public awareness and understanding of air pollution and it's cause and provide us with ideas about what we as citizens can do to tackle this issue, so together we can work towards halting climate change and improving our health.

Resource pack

Our Go Green for Clean Air Day resource (see download) provides schools with lots of ideas on what can be done with pupils to raise awareness and improve the overall health of the children and their families.

From activities as simple as raising awareness by wearing something green to school that day, to setting the example and going car free for the day, there is something for every school to help you raise awareness of this important issue.

Alongside our resource, the Global Action Plan Clean Air Day school resources are now available. Use the link for these resources and to find out more about any events offered to schools on Clean Air Day.

Schools across the borough join with us each year in Going Green for Clean Air Day - Why not join in too on 16 June?

Remember to tag us in any Twitter posts @EalingSTARS. We look forward to seeing what you do and for those scools involved in the TfL STARS accreditation scheme, reading all about it as you work towards your accreditation.

Further information

For further information on Clean Air Day and how to become STARS accredited, see related content links below.

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Last updated: 06 May 2022

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