Parent ambassador roles in schools

22 Apr 2022

Schools across Ealing are invited to express interest to establish the role of parent ambassadors (PAs) to start from Spring 2023.

Attend a Zoom meeting on 4 May at 2pm to find out more.

Parent ambassadors are employed roles within your school that act as a bridge between home and school.

They are recruited to represent key communities, speak their languages and understand their cultures. The activities carried out will be unique to meet the needs of each school community. Activities could include:

  • form filling for school applications
  • free school meals
  • trips and visits
  • informal translation
  • helping families to navigate the English school system.

The funding application will be to pay a contribution for 24 hours of a PA role over a 3 year period. Depending on need in your school you could employ:

  • 1 PA for 24 hours
  • 2 PAs for 12 hours or
  • 3 PAs for 8 hours .

How much to contribute

  • In the first year schools will contribute £7,000 (40%) and John Lyon's Charity 60%
  • In the second year schools will contribute £8,500 (50%) and John Lyon's Charity 50%
  • In the third year schools will contribute £11,000 (60%) and John Lyon's Charity 40%.


  • Summer half term 2022 - Schools express interest
  • September 2022 - Appy for funding to John Lyon’s Charity
  • November 2022 - John Lyon’s Charity decide on funding
  • January 2023 - Funding released
  • Spring 2023 - Project starts

Find out more

Zoom meeting to explore further: Wednesday 4 May at 2pm

Meeting ID: 840 8247 2185

Passcode: 757282

The aim of this project is to create additional capacity and so funding should not be used to cover costs of existing posts although current personnel could be recruited to the parent ambassador role if appropriate.

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Last updated: 22 Apr 2022

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