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01 Jul 2022

Although they have not yet updated the website, the Department for Education (DfE) and Standards Testing Agency (STA) have confirmed they will be completing a tables checking excercise for Year 6 pupils and their Key Stage 2 results this year.

Check you have access to the website

As it will likely have been a long time since any primary school has logged into their account on the DfE School and College Checking Exercises Website (not since 2019), we would advise schools to try logging in and set up an account if they need to before the end of term - https://tableschecking.education.gov.uk/.

In previous years the tables checking excercise was only open for a brief period (1 or 2 weeks maximum) and closed in the first week of September, which is why it is a good idea for schools to ensure they have access before the end of the summer 2022 school term.

Who can be removed

The DfE and STA definition of pupils that could be removed via this excercise in previous years was as follows: "Pupils can be removed from our calculation of performance measures if:

  • They were admitted to an English school for the first time on, or after, the start of their Year 5 school year (i.e. September 2020 onward for summer 2022 year 6 cohort); and
  • They arrived from overseas prior to their admission; and
  • English is not an official language of the country they came from; and
  • English is not their first language."

Inform school data team of removals by 15 July

For schools who are ELP members or schools data team service and are expecting KS2 attainment reports for 2022, if you would like us to remove any of the pupils you plan to submit as part of this tables checking excercise we ask that you let us know who they are by Friday 15 July at the latest. We will not be able to remove any pupils from your KS2 provisional attainment report if they are submitted after this date.

To help schools with this task, and based on the above DfE definition from 2019, the schools data team have identified pupils we believe fall under this criteria for you. Schools with pupils who fall within this criteria will receive a data file via the School to School (S2S) file transfer service by Wednesday 6 July.

You do not have to remove any pupils on this list, these are just the pupils we believe to be eligible who you could remove if you wished to (under the 2019 recent arrival definition). There is also a blank template available - see download below.

Please return the list of any pupils you would like to be removed from your KS2 provisional attainment report securely via S2S or using encryted email (e.g. egress) to schoolsdatateam@ealing.gov.uk by Friday 15 July.

For schools with SEN Units or Additionally Resourced Provision, we ask that you confirm the names of children attending this provision at all key stages. We include these children in your reports (as they will be included in DfE data), if you would your reports (FSP, KS1 and KS2) to not include these pupils please let us know by Friday 15 July.

Let the team know if you have any queries.

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Last updated: 04 Jul 2022

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