Exciting February half term cycling courses for kids age 5 and over in Ealing

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29 Jan 2024

As the February half term approaches, there's a fantastic opportunity for children in Ealing to enhance their cycling skills and boost their confidence on two wheels.

The Cycling Instructor, in collaboration with Ark Byron Academy Primary School, is offering free cycling courses for children of all levels. Whether your little one is just starting or wants to improve their cycling abilities, these courses cater to everyone aged 5 and above.

Event details

Location: Ark Byron Academy Primary School

12 and 13 February: Learn to Ride

Perfect for beginners, this course is designed to teach children the fundamentals of cycling. With two sessions available, parents can choose the time that suits their schedule.

Session 1: 9.30 - 11.00 am

Session 2: 11.15am - 12.45 pm

12 and 13 February: Level 1 Course

This course builds on basic cycling skills. It's a great opportunity for children to progress to the next level with the guidance of experienced instructors.

Session: 1.30- 3.00 pm

14 and 15 February: Level 2 Course

This advanced course focuses on honing existing skills and introducing more complex cycling techniques. The extended duration from 9.30 AM to 2.00 PM ensures a comprehensive learning experience.

Session: 9.30am - 2pm


Booking is essential.

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About the courses

These courses are designed to nurture not just cycling skills but also boost your child's confidence. The supportive environment encourages them to surpass their limits and achieve new milestones.

By participating, children are contributing to building a community of skilled young cyclists in the local area. Cycling is not only a great workout but also a fun activity. This half-term event offers a healthy and enjoyable way for children to spend their break, fostering both physical activity and entertainment.

Join us for an exciting and enriching February half term experience! 

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Last updated: 29 Jan 2024

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