NCTEM Maths Hubs: 2024-25 Mastering number at Reception and KS1

29 Jan 2024

Recruitment is underway for the Mastering number at Reception and KS1 programme 2024-25

Schools can apply if they have not completed the programme previously.

What is involved?

This programme focuses on the key knowledge and understanding needed in Reception classes, and progression through KSl.

Participating schools will receive central training (online and face--to­ face) and a wealth of pupil-facing resources.

These resources will provide teaching materials for four short sessions each week, aimed at developing children's fluency and flexibility with number. Lead Teachers in schools will also contribute to an online community to share practice and engage in critical reflection.

Who can take part?

Lead participants from Work Group schools will be three teachers - one each from Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 - known as Lead Teachers. Some support will also be given to subJect leaders and headteachers. Where appropriate, Lead Teachers are expected to support the other teachers in their year group.

This programme and its Work Groups are open to all schools that have not yet engaged with the Mastering Number Programme.

Applications need to be received by the Hub by Friday 22 March.


What does the latest 2023 Ofsted report, ‘Coordinating Mathematical Success’ say about Mastering Number?

The NCETM’s Mastering Number Programme was particularly helpful [in schools where the curriculum emphasised both understanding and quick recall of addition facts]. In these schools, pupils were successful and received lots of praise. They were learning how to subitise (recognise a number of objects without having to count), understand numerical concepts and recall addition facts.

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Mastering number at Reception and KS1

Mastering number Ofsted report

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Last updated: 30 Jan 2024

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