CPD on supporting neurodiversity in the classroom

10 Jul 2024

Audience: Teaching assistants

Event details

  • Date: 2 September 2024
  • Time: 9.30am – 3pm
  • Location: EEC

Workshop overview

Join us for an enriching and collaborative workshop designed specifically for teaching assistants to enhance their skills and strategies in supporting neurodiverse children in schools. This day-long event is an excellent opportunity to:

  • share best practices: Exchange valuable insights and experiences with fellow teaching assistants.
  • problem grow: Gain deeper knowledge from expert Educational Psychologists (EP) and outreach teachers.
  • explore strategies: Discover techniques to stay resilient, positive, adaptable, and self-compassionate in your professional role.

Workshop facilitators

  • Educational Psychologist (EP): Expert insights into neurodiversity and its impact on learning.
  • Outreach teachers: Practical strategies and real-life experiences from the field.

Why attend?

  • Enhance your skills: Build on your current knowledge and discover new methods for supporting neurodiverse students.
  • Collaborate and vetwork: Connect with other teaching assistants and professionals in the field.
  • Boost your resilience: Learn self-care techniques to maintain a positive and adaptable mindset.

How to register

Book your place via CPD online: Training day: Supporting neurodiversity in the classroom

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Last updated: 16 Jul 2024