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05 Jul 2019

We have revised the current generic scale 7 job description for clerks on EGfL and developed two new role profiles which have been graded by Schools HR at scale 6 and scale 8. We have also amended the payroll guidance to reflect changes to the role over the past few years.

The job descriptions have been written for ‘As and when’ contracts – clerks who are paid on timesheet basis (employed by the school)

The reason for developing these is as follows:

  • The current job description did not reflect the DfE clerking competencies framework 2017 or the increase in expectations of clerks to ensure the GB stay focused on its core functions and as such, was out of date
  • Salary levels are not always commensurate with the role clerks are expected to carry out and in addition are not in line with neighbouring boroughs. As such it has often been difficult for GBs to secure the services of a good clerk in Ealing
  • GBs have asked for two levels of job descriptions.

Broadly speaking the scale 6 job description is aimed at GBs who are recruiting or have in place a clerk who provides full administrative support but may be new to role or does not carry out the full range of clerking duties. The scale 8 job description is for clerks who provide a full professional service in all aspects including advice, guidance and support on legal, compliance and membership matters.


We would like your views on both the job descriptions and guidance for pay by the Friday 19 July.

We will then revise accordingly and post the job descriptions and further recruitment, support and training guidance on EGfL ready for September.

Reminder from HR

Pay rates and payroll
Please note clerks on ‘as and when’ contracts are liable for paid annual leave (pro rata). For more information on this please contact your HR provider

Appointment checklist

The school will need to decide if the post is a fees post or if the clerk will be an employee.

If the clerk is to be an employee the instruction should come to the HR administration team with a completed appointment checklist.

Job evaluation

If schools use generic job descriptions with amendments, they will need to go through the job evaluation process.

Ealing clerk to governing board job descriptions

Consultation July 2019




Please give us feedback on the job descriptions guidance as appropriate below. Please clearly quote section, page, numbering to indicate what your comment is in reference to

Clerk scale 6 - job description (word) July 2019

Clerk scale 8 - job description (word) July 2019

Clerk job description guidance notes (word) July 2019

Scale 6 Job description

Scale 8 job description

Guidance for payroll

Any other questions or comments

Please return to by Friday 19 July.

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Last updated: 05 Jul 2019