Absence due to religious observance - Dawoodi Bhora community Muharram and Ashura 2019

30 Jul 2019

Ashura take place on the 10 September 2019 this coming academic year.

After a legal challenge in 2017 by the Dawoodi Bohora community, LBE, in consultation with our legal department and the DfE, agreed that the period of Muharram preceding Ashura was also to be allowed as religious observation absence for the Dawoodi Bohora community .

Some pupils may not appear at the beginning of term.


The period of Muharram (the nine days leading up to Ashura) is argued to be a period of religious observation and Ealing has accepted that absence is allowable during this extended period (This replaced the previous September 2016 guidance).

However, even though a parent can take time for religious observation without individually notifying the school, for this extended period of observation we request that parents supply their child’s school with a letter from their religious body/Mosque identifying the child as being part of the Dawoodi Bohora community and identifying the dates of the period of Muharram and Ashura for the relevant year (they change annually by approximately 11 days).

Further information

See Absence due to religious observance (EGfL)

Also download below on Mourning of Muharram.

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Last updated: 30 Jul 2019

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