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25 Sep 2019

Schools can now book their 2019/20 health in school visits. This year the visits take place between 4 November 2019 and 14 February 2020.

These visits last one hour and are an opportunity for the headteacher and PSHE coordinator of each school to meet with their health improvement officer to review and identify their health priorities. Last year 100 percent of schools said they found their ‘Health in school visit’ useful (Survey Monkey, July 2019). One Ealing headteacher stated they found the visit extermely useful as it enabled them to 'Tap into the expertise and understand how best to devise interesting ways to promote physical activity and well being' (Survey Monkey, July 2019).

This year the health improvement team will be joined by the school nursing service at the health in school visits. This means schools will also get to meet their allocated school nurse at this visit.

Last year, over 75% of Ealing schools had their visit, those who attended their health in school visits said it was a useful time where heads and PSHE co-ordinators could meet with their health improvement officer to discuss the health and wellbeing needs of their school. They also stated that it was useful to look at their school’s most recent data and discuss actions for the coming year.

What happens at my visit?

At your school visit, you will get to:

  • Discuss your pupils’ health priorities
  • Review your school data (e.g. HRBS 2019 and NCMP 2019-2020)
  • Find out how to get your Healthy Schools London Awards
  • Find out about free trainings, conferences and other events
  • Take away a useful resource pack.

How do I prepare for my visit?

Find out what your school’s health priorities are i.e. speak to your headteacher, look at your 2019 health related behaviour survey report and NCMP data. If you do not yet have this data, your health improvement officer will bring them to the meeting.

This meeting is most useful where both the headteacher and PSHE coordinator attends. Any other relevant staff members are also welcome to attend this meeting.

How do I book my visit?

Please book your health is schools visit on the following link by 31 January 2020:  

Health in school visits are free to all schools.

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Last updated: 25 Sep 2019

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