Annual reviews and assessments for schools COVID-19

26 Mar 2020

The advice below refers to annual reviews in the current situation.

Some schools have contacted the Local Authority (LA) asking for advice regarding annual reviews that they have scheduled for the next month.

Schools have been asked to remain open where possible for children with ERSAs in progress, EHCPs, vulnerable students and keyworkers. The government is aiming to maintain essential services and offer a safe space to more vulnerable children whilst balancing risk to the wider community. Given this national emergency, despite best endeavour, it is possible that not all the offer set out in the EHCP will be deliverable at all times and the staffing capacity might mean that in is not helpful to hold an annual review.

Schools should be reassured that the LA will not be chasing them for these reviews and understand that some are very likely to be late due to the current circumstances.

If schools already have a review scheduled and feel able to go ahead with it using virtual methods or otherwise then the LA still have staff working to process these, so they can be sent to as usual.

However, if schools are unable to complete these reviews in the next month then they should not worry about it and an arrangement can be made when the circumstances make this more feasible.

Further information

The situation is rapidly changing and we now have a COVID-19 resource page which is regularly updated to support communication:

Coronavirus- Useful resources for parents/carers, children and young people (Ealng Families Direcory website)


If anyone has any concerns regarding annual reviews or would like to discuss further then please contact:

Helen O’Brien, annual review manager

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Last updated: 26 Mar 2020

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