Support for schools from London Central and West Maths Hub during the period of school closures

18 May 2020

If schools are currently a part of a Work Group, the hub is working hard to keep these going, albeit virtually. Schools have been really appreciative of this so far, but we are obviously being sensitive to the fact that some teachers will not have capacity at present, whilst also being sensitive to the needs of the people leading those Work Groups and their own schools.

The Maths Hubs, working with NCETM, have put out some excellent primary virtual lessons, based on the teaching for mastery materials. They are also offering support pages to teachers and parents (all phases) here. This could be really useful to look at and like everything with the Maths Hubs, it is all completely free. There should also be some NumberBlocks support coming soon too!

See downloads for:

  • Statement of support
  • Secondary Teaching for Mastery application
  • Primary Teaching for Mastery application
  • High Attaining work group flyer.

Further information

LCWMathsHub Website

Charlotte Kleiner, London Central and West Maths Hub Lead

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Last updated: 18 May 2020

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