Are parent parking issues causing problems? Use the Perfect Parking campaign

15 Apr 2021

Now is the time for a whole school, targeted campaign to tackle parent parking issues.

Our Civil Enforcement Officers have limited capacity to attend schools, but we have developed a series of resources to support schools to work with the whole school community, to raise awareness of the problems and change behaviour.

Whole school campaign

Unfortunately a note in the newsletter or general message to parents is not sufficient to address the problems related to unsafe and inconsiderate parking. Approaching this issue from different angles, and more importantly involving the children, will bring about the positive behaviour change that leads to improved safety and an increase in active travel on the school run.

It is important to note that any one of the campaign activities is unlikely to make a difference on its own and this needs to be a whole school campaign.

Our campaigns are a very effective way of addressing parent parking issues but they require sustained promotion by the school, to ensure parents don’t return to the unsafe and inconsiderate behaviour.

Further information

Visit Tackling parent parking issues page on EGfL for further details.

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Last updated: 19 Apr 2021

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