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26 Oct 2021

Education Software Solutions, or ESS (previously Capita), have announced that they will require schools running SIMS, FMS and Discover to migrate to a new version of SQL Server (SQL Server 2016) by the Summer 2022 release of SIMS.

What is SQL Server 2016?

Microsoft SQL Server is the database technology that SIMS uses to store your data. The migration process will involve moving the SIMS database to the new version of SQL Server and ensuring that all instances of SIMS, FMS and Discover are redirected appropriately. There are two types of SQL Server used by schools: Express Edition and Standard Edition. The Express Edition is more appropriate for smaller schools and available as a free download from Microsoft, whereas the Standard Edition has more functionality and may involve the purchase of additional licensing.

There are various options available when purchasing the licenses for SQL Server. You will need to speak with your technical support provider and Microsoft Software licence vendor for more details and an official quote.

What do schools need to do?

Get in touch with their MIS technical support provider and / or ICT support to ensure that your Microsoft SQL Server is updated to the 2016 version before the Summer 2022 release of SIMS (usually end of June/early July).

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Last updated: 26 Oct 2021

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