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25 Nov 2021

This informations is for schools who previously bought SIMS via the LA licence.

As you may be aware Capita sold SIMS and FMS in February 2021. The new owners, Education Software Solutions (ESS), have confirmed that from 2022/23 they will no longer be offering a central LA contract and will instead have direct relationships and contracts with individual schools and these contracts will be 3-year terms.

This means that you will no longer pay for your SIMS licence via services to schools, you will instead need to contract with ESS directly to be able to continue using SIMS/FMS beyond 31 March 2022.

Discounted rate

ESS have confirmed we will be able to sign up to an LA facilitation agreement which should enable maintained schools who were previously on the LA contract to continue to purchase SIMS at a discounted rate (when compared to the SIMS direct price).

Our current understanding is that the discounted rate would be similar to previous years, but we are awaiting confirmation of this alongside final costs from ESS. The local authority hope to sign up to this facilitation agreement, but this will be subject to sign off by our legal team once we have received the full terms of this facilitation agreement from ESS. We will confirm to schools if/when this facilitation agreement is finalised in the new year, and ESS should then contact schools to agree contracts for 2022 onwards via their online portal, ahead of your current contract ending in March 2022.

Change supplier

You are of course free to change supplier. If you go down this route you will need to procure your new MIS system solution before the end of March 2022, when your current SIMS contract expires. As this is a new contractual arrangement there is no notice period required by ESS if you chose to change suppliers, but the LA would ask that you still confirm to us if this is your intention.

Please provide your contact details

ESS have asked us to make sure we have the details of the main contact for sign off of the ESS SIMS contract at each school. Please could you therefore complete this online form to provide these contact details by the end of term if possible.

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Last updated: 26 Nov 2021

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