Using National Tutoring Programme funding to support pupils with SEND

25 Apr 2024

Schools can use their National Tutoring Programme (NTP) funding to contribute to 50% of tutoring costs until 31 August 2024. This includes alternative types of established, evidence-underpinned interventions for pupils with SEND, including:

  • speech and language therapy
  • fine and gross motor skills (holding pens and pencils, aiding writing development and other learning outcomes)
  • study skills (listening capability, homework and revision strategies, assistive technology skills and classwork strategies)
  • social skills and communication (role play and play interaction)
  • sensory based interventions (aiding information processing, sensory development, and sensory regulation)

Read the blog from The Imperium Federation, where executive headteacher, Meic Griffiths, shares the impact of tutoring and why he recommends using NTP to support pupils with SEND.

Find out more about funding for special schools and read the guidance on delivering tutoring to support pupils with SEND.

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Last updated: 25 Apr 2024