ELP branding

The ELP visual identity is a statement of how we want partners and other stakeholders to see us and it is essential that these guidelines are followed at all times.

You can download the guidelines as well as tools and templates to help achieve our agreed brand and writing style for all print and online communications.

Brand guidelines

How to save, find and use ELP Office templates and themes (word)

ELP branding and communications for schools

ELP branding and communications for schools (pdf)
ELP commissioned work - schools are requested to use ELP branding and writing style for materials such as reports, updates, posters, flyers, presentations and web pages where ELP funded work is featured:

ELP A4 green flyer (dotx)
ELP A4 orange flyer (dotx)
ELP A3 green poster (dotx)
ELP A3 orange poster (dotx)
ELP green presentation (potx)
ELP orange presentation (potx)
ELP logo URL - colour (png)
ELP logo cutout version 3 (png)

Presentation templates

Example / instructions PowerPoint

PowerPoint templates

Word document templates

Agenda templates

Multipage template with covers

Single/multi page template without covers

Logos and graphics

ELP logo no url

ELP logo with url

ELP strapline

No learner left behind - no school left behind strapline (png)


Logo's on white shape backgrounds for placing over images/busy backgrounds:

ELP logo cutout version 1 (png)
ELP logo cutout version 2 (png)
ELP logo cutout version 3 (png)
ELP logo cutout version 4 (png)

Watermarks - bottom left corner

Graphic images

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Last updated: 16 Jan 2020