Final day to tell us what you think about our ELP services!

23 Jul 2021

We ask service users to complete and submit the
ELP services surveys by today, Friday 23 July.

A reminder invitation to the survey was sent today.

Respondents are invited to complete one or more service strands as shown below:

  • Ealing Grid for Learning
  • Governor support services
  • Health improvement in schools
  • NQT induction /AB service
  • School workforce support SLA
  • School partnerships and enrichment

By ticking relevant service strands, users will be taken through the services selected.

The invitiation by email on 12 July has a list of which services to complete.

About the surveys

This survey has been developed by ELP traded services for schools, to help evaluate the following aspects of service delivery:

  • Service quality
  • Customer focus
  • Value for money
  • Making a difference.

This work is high priority and the results will be used to inform the ELP service impact evaluation published for schools and the council in the autumn 2021 term.

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Last updated: 23 Jul 2021