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Update on primary school reports

16 Sep 2019

Key stage 2 provisional reports

2019 provisional key stage 2 reports were uploaded to the 2018/19 reports section on your school page on the EGfL on Monday 9 September. This report contains borough and national comparisons, a detailed analysis of the performance of a wide range of specific pupil groups, overtime analysis, progress analysis and a series of graphs enabling you to see how your school compares to others within the borough. This report is intended to precede and supplement the analysis available to schools later in the autumn term via Analyse School Performance and (for those who subscribe) FFTAspire.

Three year data summary sheet

Updated three year data summary sheets will be available for schools to download from their EGfL school page (under school reports, 2018/19, data summary) from Wednesday 18 September.

Corrections to FSP and KS1 reports

Unfortunately we have discovered an error with the "pupils in your school (2018)" column in the "Pupils reaching or exceeding the expected level of development" table of your FSP report. The school level data for last year was misaligned so was incorrect (or blank) for the majority of schools. We have now corrected this table for the affected schools and reuploaded a new version of your FSP report (Version 1.1).

There was also an error with the FSP-KS1 reading matrices in the KS1 report for a number of schools (those alphabetically between Holy Family and St Vincent). This data was unfortunately misaligned against the wrong schools when Holy Family was added to the template. The writing and maths matrices were not affected. We have now corrected the reading matrices for the affected schools and reuploaded a new version of your KS1 report (Version 1.1).

Please accept our sincere apologies for these errors and any confusion they may have caused.

We hope you find these reports timely and useful and welcome any comments about how we could improve them in future years.


If you have any queries or comments on the content of the reports, please contact

If you have any queries relating to EGFL usernames or passwords, please contact (note to access data reports through your accounts, the web team would need to have received express permission from the headteacher).

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Last updated: 16 Sep 2019