Schools funding consultation 2021-22

09 Sep 2020

Message from Gary Redhead for headteachers and chairs of governors

On Wednesday 9 September, we published a short consultation document on school and high needs funding for 2021-22 which is available on the link below:

School and high needs funding 2021-22 consultation document (pdf)

The deadline for completion of responses on the online survey is Friday 16 October:

School funding consultation 2021-22 survey

There will be a separate consultation on the early years funding formula and centrally retained funding.

The consultation questions are similar to those in previous years on which we are required to consult each year. We intend to arrange virtual meetings at which we will summarise the changes and provide and opportunity for governors and staff to seek clarification on the proposals in the document.

The areas where we would welcome the views of schools on are:

  • The value of the minimum funding guarantee (MFG) which can be set between +0.5 pre cent and 2 per cent. The MFG benefits schools that are historically funded at a higher rate per pupil than under the national funding formula and is funded by capping those schools that receive more funding per pupil under the NFF than they did previously
  • Options for adjusting the growth fund for planned increases in pupil numbers, if necessary, should the government grant not cover the costs
  • De-delegation of funding for a small range of services run by the LA for maintained schools
  • funding for the LA’s key duties and historical commitments in relation to schools and academies
  • maintaining the existing 0.5% (£1.3m) transfer from the schools to high needs block to support pressures due to the growth in children with high needs.

The document also summarises the main changes nationally that are have made including:

  • Rolling into the Dedicated Schools Grant (DSG) of the Teachers’ Pay and Pensions Grants to school baselines and the formula (in the case of special schools these will be reflected in increases in top up rates)
  • Increases in factor factors (Annex 1) of 3 per cent on average
  • adjustments to the Income Deprivation Affecting Children Index (IDACI)
  • the use of 2019 Low Prior Attainment Data as a proxy for 2020 as no data is available for early years foundation stage profile (EYFSP) and key stage 2 assessments

Decision making timetable

As in previous years, all schools and academies are funded on the basis of the LAs formula.

We will report the results of the consultation to the schools forum at its meeting in November where the forum will make decisions affecting school funding for 2021-22.

DfE intends to publish final DSG allocations just before term ends in December and we intend to publish draft allocations in January and final ones before February half term after the DfE have carried out their checks.

We look forward to receiving your responses. If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to email me (details below).

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