NQT induction quality assurance processes 2019/20 - reminder for schools

04 Nov 2019

Updated 16 December.

The Appropriate Body (AB) has the main quality assurance role within the induction process. In Ealing, the AB aims to quality assure the induction processes, as well as highlighting examples of effective practice for NQT Induction.

Quality Assurance (QA) processes take place throughout the year; through termly assessment reports, feedback from schools and school visits. However, it is most likely that the QA visits or documentation sampling will take place during the spring and the summer term. Approximately, 20 schools are quality assured every year through school visits and documentation sampling.

The AB will inform all schools that are selected for QA three weeks in advance and dates will be agreed by the school and the AB.

See NQT Induction QA Processes 2019 – 2020 download for full details.

Further information

See NQT QA process explained download for more information on QA processes, including:

  • When the QA takes place,
  • How schools are selected
  • Post QA process.

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Last updated: 16 Dec 2019