Changes to the young people's drug and alcohol service: EASY

22 Feb 2021

Ealing Public Health and Children’s Services have agreed changes to the EASY drug and alcohol service to make the most effective use of the limited resource of one full-time and one part-time post.

Historically, they have worked across the borough delivering prevention, early intervention and treatment within every part of young people’s provision.

However, there were some issues about continuing with this model. Valuable staff time was lost travelling to various settings across Ealing, and staff members skilled in delivering structured treatment interventions were delivering basic drugs awareness sessions, which often did not lead to the identification of young people requiring further support.

Changes from April 2021

Agreed changes will enhance the impact of this small team by placing them where they encounter vulnerable young people with the greatest need.

From April 2021, the two staff will be placed in the Adolescent MAST team in Children’s Social Care and the Youth Offending Service in the Integrated Youth Service. They will be taking their referrals for structured treatment from these cohorts and working alongside the other professionals in these teams, delivering drug and alcohol screening, structured interventions and offering specialist advice and support to staff around treatment related issues on their caseloads. Working in a multi-disciplinary team within children’s services offers many advantages, including joint working and sustainability of outcomes.

We realise this is a substantial change for some agencies who have established strong partnership working with EASY over the years, and it has not been a decision we have taken lightly. If additional money becomes available through public health grant funding, we will reintroduce additional capacity for prevention and early intervention work.

EASY are currently completing any treatment plans with young people who are not part of the YOS or Adolescent MAST caseload and will not be taking any new referrals from other sources after 19 February.


If you would like to discuss this change to EASY’s way of working within the borough, please email Clare Brighton, the drug and alcohol programme manager in Public Health:

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Last updated: 22 Feb 2021