Thankyou letter to headteachers

09 Aug 2021

Dear Headteacher colleagues,

As the academic year draws to a close, we wanted to write to you to thank you for the enormous contribution you and your school teams have made to children and young people in Ealing this year.

Our collective response to managing the pandemic has truly been a team effort and the many challenges have been made easier by our shared commitment to providing the best possible education and support to children in Ealing.

It has been a challenging time and many school communities will have been affected by loss and bereavement as well as the many other complexities of school life.

Your leadership has held the school community together during these unprecedented times and your dedication, hard work and commitment to supporting the education and wellbeing of children in Ealing has been inspiring.

Thank you once again. We wish you all a wonderful, restful and uninterrupted holiday and look forward to seeing you again in September!

With best regards

Judith Finlay, Julie Lewis and Tamara Quinn

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Last updated: 13 Aug 2021