Supervised trips to 4 PGL settings can go ahead

23 Nov 2021

The PGL sites in question have now provided details of what was found by Ofsted.

The action taken by the following individual centres can be viewed below (EGfL log in required):

Based on the information provided by PGL and after having consulted our Outdoor Education Adviser, supervised residential trips at these sites can go ahead but schools should, as with all educational visits, be satisfied from a due diligence perspective before going ahead.

In addition, the local authority has an educational visits policy ‘There and back again’ which needs to be followed for all trips, this includes the need to carry out a suitable and sufficient risk assessment.

Additional OEAP national guidance for schools

4.4h Using external providers

3.2a Underpinning legal framework and duty of care

4.2a Group management and supervision

4.3b Ratios and effective supervision

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