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Gateway FAQs for schools and settings

Please log in using Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome to ensure all functionality is up to date.

What happens to Gateway if the internet goes down?

If you lose your internet connection whilst working on Gateway, you will lose you work

Do save regularly by clicking on the update button and this will save your work!

Gateway will log you out after 10 minutes of inactivity - similar to other online systems that hold sensitive information (e.g. online banking).

I am not able to log in, what should I do?

If you have not logged in for three or more months or you may have tried to log in and got your password wrong more than a few times, you will be automatically locked out. Email requesting your account to be unlocked.

What do I do if I cannot find my pupil on the Gateway?

When searching by surname, if the child has a double-barrelled surname, use the first part of the surname followed by *.

If the surname is for example Wilson Phillips type Wilson* into the search box. The asterisk will provide all surname starting with Wilson.

If you still cannot find your child, email your EHC Coordinator.

For Nursery children, please ensure you have completed your monthly ‘Early Years reports’ so they are listed in Synergy.

Where can I paste in pictures and images?

Pictures cannot be pasted into Gateway sections You can be pasted in a word document and uploaded into the ‘Documents’ tab as an addendum.

Spell Check isn’t working?

Gateway is only compatible with Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome, functionality like spell check will not work when launching in any other browser. After clicking on edit in a section and adding text, spell check will automatically work.

You can transfer your favourites into Edge following the guidance

How do I change the child/young person’s details on Gateway?

There are sections in Gateway that will not be editable. Please email with any changes to a child’s details or any other sections.

Why am I getting an ‘access denied’ message when I try to download a document?

'Access denied’ message is only displayed when documentation has been submitted prior to Gateway. Email your coordinator requesting the document to be sent to you.

Can I upload a Word document?

No, at the moment Gateway will only accept uploads in PDF.

Can I download a copy of the ERSA/App B in word?

All the documents you download will be in PDF format.

Why do I need to select a ‘Type’ and ‘Team’ outcome?

The outcome section in Gateway is used by multiple professionals. Selecting an option under the Type and Team field, allows Gateway to understand which team has written the outcome and where in the Appendix report it should place the outcome.

The teams within the drop down have been abbreviated ie:

  • SLT – Speech and Language Therapy
  • OT – Occupational Therapy
  • Physio – Physiotherapy
  • CDT – Community Paediatrics
  • EP – Educational Psychology
  • CAMHS – Child & Adolescent Mental Health Service
  • CTPLD - Community Team for People with Learning Disabilities
  • Nursing
  • HI – Hearing Impairment
  • VI – Visual Impairment
  • Social Care
  • Schools – educational settings (including nurseries).

Outcome ‘Types’ have also been abbreviated ie:

  • C&L - Cognition and Learning
  • Comms - Communication Skills
  • SEMH - Social, Emotional and Mental Wellbeing
  • PSI - Physical Sensory and Independence Skills
  • Health
  • Pfap – Preparing for adulthood.

After clicking on the dropdown, the list will appear, and you will need to click to the left to find your team.

I cannot see my team name

If you cannot see the arrows, either use the mouse to push your screen up OR just simply use the arrow keys on your keyboard (left and right).

How do I delete outcomes or incorrectly uploaded documents?

Please contact your allocated EHC coordinator who will be able to delete any outcomes or documents.

How do I provide parent consent?

Within the ERSA there is a ‘Parent Consent’ tab. All statements should be read out to the parent and updated by the school in Gateway.

Once consent has been updated in Gateway, download the hard copy of the form by clicking run report in the Submit ERSA section and ask the parent/carer to physically sign the form. A hard copy of the form, signed by the parent/carer/s, needs to be uploaded into the Documents tab in Gateway.

Where can I find the parent/carer views section?

The parent/carer views section can be found within the ERSA under the Parent/Carer Details tab. As Parents do not have access to the professional portal, it is necessary to collaborate with the parent/carer to fill in this section.

How can I see a copy of the ERSA and App B report?

You can download a preview version in the run report section which can be used to quality check your work before submitting the final draft.

I ran the preview of my ERSA, there are different fonts and large gaps which look messy. How can I format this?

There is a formatting guide on EGfL, In short, copy and pasting from other documents into Gateway can cause formatting issues, it is better to type directly into Gateway HOWEVER if you are pasting in:

  • do not paste in bullet points, pasted bullets can cause formatting issues, you can add bullet points in Gateway
  • remove any carriage returns after pasting in text (they cause gaps in the report).

  • use the Gateway toolbar (above):

the ‘rubber tool’ (circled in red) will remove any emboldened, italicised and underlined text, formatting should be added back in from the toolbar.

Using the rubber to remove original formatting will ensure the font in the report is consist with the font in the ERSA and App B making the document look neat and tidy.

I submitted an ERSA but I need to add some additional information, how should I add this in?

Please liaise with your coordinator who will remove the old ERSA. Once this has been done, you can log back in and the information you added into Gateway will still be there, click edit on the section/s you need to change and re-run report.

How do I know my ERSA or App B has been submitted?

After clicking on run report a popup window confirm the ERSA or App B has been submitted and a PDF automatically saves into the Documents tab. You will be able to see and download a copy of the ERSA or App B. The coordinator in the SENAS team will be notified that the ERSA or the App B is available.

Which reports are available on Gateway?

To access reports for your educational setting, you will need to be in a pupil’s record. Within App B you have the following reports that can be run. We recommend all reports are output using excel:

  • EHC assessment in progress – track all ERSAs The report shows the start date, when the draft is due and when the final is due
  • Annual Review due – this produces a document showing all pupils and when their annual reviews are due
  • Yearly Provision – this produces a financial breakdown for all pupils in attendance including their provision and banding. The report is based on financial year so it might be possible to see a pupil at another setting
  • Child Provision – this produces a financial report for the child’s record that you are in.

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Last updated: 04 Jan 2022